Quibi: “Asteroid” | “Bank Heist” | “Mr. The Rapper”

Quibi: “Asteroid”

Quibi: “Bank Heist”

Quibi: “Mr. The Rapper”

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist / Finisher
VENDOR: The Mill

It took me a while to wrap my head around the concept of Quibi, which I later learned is short for Quick Bites.

During my involvement with this campaign, the mobile-based streaming service hadn’t launched yet. There was the Super Bowl spot, “Bank Heist,” which had already aired, and consequently caused a bit of confusion, since it didn’t have the more descriptive “Anthem” spot to provide context. That 60 sec spot was released later, and created by a different set of artists.

So what exactly is a Quibi?

In short, it’s a serialized and episodic content platform that’s served in segments that are 10 minutes or less, all formatted to fit mobile devices, and designed to adapt to vertical or horizontal orientation. And it’s got former Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and former HP CEO and current billionaire Meg Whitman running the show. So they’re seriously well-connected and well-funded.

Given that context, the entire campaign is built around the notion of a Quibi as a measurement of time.

When the bank robbing wheel-man is awaiting his partners in crime, he’s spending a Quibi of time watching Quibi. Similarly, when an extinction-level asteroid impact is imminent, the President and her staff choose to have their final moments, about a Quibi’s worth, spent engaged in their favorite Quibi programming.

Slightly high concept, a bit abstract, and somewhat darkly themed.

Chance the Rapper’s spot, which ties into his Quibi “Punk’D” reboot, sticks with the same concept, but plays more as a humorous character spot.

Visually, these spots are entirely straightforward, relying mainly on screen comps and 2D compositing, and various levels of clean-up, due to rights issues. All of it is invisible work, but there was quite a lot of it.

In addition to contributing to these three spots, I managed conforms and provided all the finishing tasks, as well as set-up the next round of spots, which were handed off to another artist.