Johnny’s X-treme Adventure

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist | Senior Broadcast Designer
VENDOR: G4 Media | Comcast

Dressed in his trademark Cult wifebeater and bandana, Johnny X-treme was the alter ego of Smoke Artist/Editor Jason Cheung. When Jason wasn’t cutting on-air promos, he was living the life of Johnny, a recurring character on the former game-centric network G4.

The only thing you need to know about Johnny is that he’s “extreme” just because he says so.

Well, Johnny eventually decided to put his money where his mouth is, “releasing” his very own “extreme” video game, titled “Johnny’s X-treme Adventure.”

Of course, the game itself wasn’t real. But the parody review of the fictional video game was.

Created specifically for the popular review show “X-Play, “Johnny’s X-treme Adventure” promised the most “extreme” gaming experience ever. What debuted was the ultimate mediocre 8-bit 2D scroller … ever.

For the game, I designed many of the characters that Johnny battles: the sharkasaurus, lava monsters, and snakes with jetpacks. I also contributed a number of environments: the ice caves, the lava planet, and the White House lawn. I even designed an “extreme” poster for the game. See below.

Incidentally, “Johnny’s X-treme Adventure” only received a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

JXA Poster

Attack of the Show

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist | Senior Broadcast Designer
VENDOR: G4 Media | Comcast

“Attack of the Show” was G4’s somewhat irreverent variety show, emphasizing pop culture entertainment and emerging tech from a hip youth-oriented slant. There’s gadget segments, movie and dvd reviews, comic book coverage, video game features, comedic skits, interviews, musical performances, etc.

When these segment headers were commissioned, the show’s look and feel had already been established. The directive was to expand upon that foundation … specifically, embrace the subversive tone, explore the deconstructivist style, and utilize old cold war propaganda-styled imagery, while mixing in a little bit of ’80s punk rock attitude and humor.

As one might guess, these segment headers were a heck of a lot of fun to design and animate, particularly “What’s Up with Japan” and “The Feed.” It’s refreshing to be able to create without limitations, where the freedom to try anything is encouraged.