CÎROC Vodka: “Curling” | “Bull Jump” | “Salsa”

CÎROC: “Curling”

CÎROC: “Bull Jump”

CÎROC: “Salsa”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Digital Domain
PRODUCTION CO: Radical Media
DIRECTOR: Dave Meyers

To promote CÎROC vodka, this humorous trio of spots places company founder and legendary rapper Sean “Puffy” Combs in a series of improbable activities to demonstrate how “perfectly smooth” his moves are.

Of course, Puff Daddy isn’t actually an expert salsa dancer, curling champion, or matador that can leap over a charging bull. But thanks to the wonders of laborious head tracking and vintage stock footage, he can achieve all these things.

P. Diddy was originally shot on greenscreen, mimicking a variety of head poses and reactions, all choreographed for integrating with the pre-selected stock footage. As expected, none of it really worked, requiring heavy time-warping, stitching of different takes, and stabilization and re-animation to make convincing.

Surprisingly, “Salsa” and “Bull Jump” came about pretty quickly, thanks to the quicker actions. Although, Puffy’s hand wave at the end of the latter proved a bit tricky to get his head to stick.

“Curling” was the most challenging, since the movement’s so subtle, and the glide is perfectly smooth, quite literally.

Each spot also had it’s fair share of clean-up, and in some case, application of CÎROC branding, in the form of banners and courtside branding.