Audi: “The Drones”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mill
AGENCY: Venables Bell & Partners
DIRECTOR: Dante Ariola

This Audi spot draws clear inspiration from Hitchcock’s “The Birds” to demonstrate the handling and navigational features of the new A6 model, which of course, is being pursued by aggressive Amazon-looking delivery drones.

All of the drones in this spot were CG, requiring extensive integration and tracking. There was a bit of give and take with the building fa├žade and surrounding trees, to achieve the optimal layout for the drones in their resting state. This included raising the height of the building, replacing open areas with windows, and repositioning trees.

For the initial attack shots, the running crowd was duplicated and retimed to depict the maximum level of excitement and tension.

The drone pursuit of the Audi required road clean-up and car beauty, as well as drone impacts with power lines and a collision with the overpass. 2D smoke, debris, and sparks were added for dramatic impact.

I handled the wide attack shots, as the crowd escapes the building, as well as a couple of resting state shots. I also contributed to the Audi pursuit, and overpass impact.

Full Credits

Audi: “Force of Nature: Summer”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mission
AGENCY: Venables Bell & Partners
DIRECTOR: Douglas Avery

This was the last project I did at the Mission. It’s one of two spots to commemorate the change in seasons, in this case the start of summer. The Audi’s presence literally alters the atmosphere as it drives through the landscape.

I comp’d a number of sky replacements, depending on the before/after context, handled a fair bit of car beauty, and worked on the beach transitions, primarily with the sunbathers and the umbrellas. There was also some environment clean-up and replacements, like the ocean and sand. I explored some concepts for the wave-like transition element that travels through the spot, some of which ended up in the final version.