Atreyu: “Her Portrait in Black”

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
CLIENT: Lakeshore Entertainment
DIRECTOR: Rob Schroeder

As the featured single from the sequel “Underworld: Evolution,” metalcore artist Atreyu’s “Her Portrait in Black” needed a cutting-edge cross promotional music video that seamlessly featured both band and film.

This necessitated a number of the film’s key sequences to be re-purposed and/or cut into the band’s performance. As such, the bulk of my tasks focused on grading and combining the film’s imagery with Atreyu’s performance.

For example, Director Rob Shroeder wanted the winged-vampire Marcus to appear in the same shot as vocalist Alex Varkatzas on a number of shots. So Marcus had to be extracted from the film’s footage, and re-composited with newly graded band footage.

I also did a few screen comps, inserting band footage into the film’s monitor shots, as well as some general clean-up and obligatory beauty work.