Speed Racer

ROLE: Flame Artist | VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Look Effects
CLIENT: Warner Bros.
DIRECTOR: The Wachoswki Brothers

My primary role on “Speed Racer” dealt with car cockpit repo’s and plate/set extensions. Towards the end of the project, editorial tweaks were made to certain cockpit shots of Speed and Cannonball, to make the final race more dynamic.

Since the plates were comprised of limited sets with mostly greensceen backing and props, this necessitated the rebuilding and extension of seats, seatbelts, helmets, and arms to accommodate the repo’d plates.

Also, a few shots were flopped, so helmet logos and any additional typography had to be adjusted accordingly.

All of the work was done in 2D, utilizing paint and source nodes, as well as extended bicubic surfaces.

Additional comp work included CG car exteriors.