Verizon: “Mr. Amazing”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mission
AGENCY: McGarry Bowen
DIRECTOR: Samuel Bayer

One of the earlier stadium/crowd replacement projects I worked on, all done in Flame with 2D elements, crowd plates, and general all-around creative thinking. These days, this type of project is a fairly standard CG task, with Massive or Golaem doing the heavy lifting. Being in smaller shop, with a handful of experienced Flame artists, the spot was regulated as a 2D comp challenge.

I worked on a couple of wide running shots, as well as those approaching camera. Since the conceit was a dream sequence, the stadium reality was slightly heightened, with atmosphere and stylized lighting. A lot of hand tracking and multiplane layers, with matte painted bleachers and scoreboards, and clever glows and lighting effects to illuminate the field.