Honda: “All in One Place”

ROLE: 2D Lead / Senior Nuke Compositor / Flame Artist
VENDOR: Motion Theory
AGENCY: Rubin Postaer and Associates
DIRECTOR: Jesus de Francisco & Mathew Cullen

Honda Accord “All in One Place” was the first project I did for Motion Theory. I began as a Nuke compositor, but due to under-staffing, became the 2D lead, ultimately having to comp 90% of the spot myself.

The commercial itself is visually striking, creatively metaphoric, and highly stylized. In one continuous take, an Accord splits in half, lengthwise, revealing an entire factory of employees busily working “under the hood.” There’s a crash test room, a wind tunnel, and a symphony for the engine, to name a few of the compartments.

All the workers, as well as a full orchestra, were shot on greenscreen and composited into a motion control plate of a practical interior model that was built to scale. Additional CG elements, such as the flowering MPG hedge, holograms, race track, and crash test slingshot, were added to bolster the activity. Exterior environments were tracked and assembled in Flame.