Royal Caribbean: “The Royal Caribbean Cruise Vacation DreamWorks Experience: Shrek”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Digital Domain
CLIENT: Royal Caribbean
PRODUCTION CO: Radical Media
DIRECTOR: Dave Meyers

Collaborating with Dreamworks, Digital Domain helped Royal Caribbean cruise ships send off the season in style, with Shrek and Co. enjoying a vacation at sea.

Dreamworks supplied the character animation and DD handled the integration of those characters into live action plates, shot by long-time commercial director Dave Meyers.

Much of the compositing was done in Nuke, but Flame came in handy for the trickier shots, such as Shrek surfing or splashing in the water park. Flame was also the primary tool for all the stand-in and rig removals that plagued most of the filmed footage.

I also handled a bit of matte painting for Gingy’s cupcakes, as well as all the finishing touches and color grading that went into the final delivery.