Pop Evil: “Somebody Like You”

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
CLIENT: Kakaty Entertainment
DIRECTOR: Jason Honeycut

Pop Evil’s music video for the single “Somebody Like You” required a number of 2D tasks, the primary one being the creation of a visceral car crash, which occurs midway through the story.

The event occurs as a van impacts a car from its side. There’s a p.o.v. shot of the van approaching the car immediately before impact, as well as an interior tumble/roll shot caused by the collision.

The crash itself was accomplished with the combination of multiple plates for the two vehicles. Impact effects were created with 2D animation techniques, as well as matte painted damage and debris.

The p.o.v. and interior shots were all stationary greenscreen plates, with impact and roll camera motion supplied in comp. Background plates for traveling landscape were added, as well as interactive lighting and reflections.

Also, for additional shots, some clean-up was involved to depict a character’s transformation into a ghost, as well as misc beauty work for the band and their instruments.