Boys Noize: “What You Want”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
DIRECTOR: Patrick Jean & Sebastien Loghman

Set to the electro-beats of Boys Noize, this clever superhero-inspired music video was directed by French duo Patrick Jean & Sebastien Logham. I never met Sebastien. But I did have the pleasure of working in a collaborative capacity with Patrick, who also handled a number of visual effects shots.

Primarily, I color-graded the entire video, approx. 130 shots, designing the look for each of the various sequences – the neighborhood, the mover, the cheerleaders, the church interior, etc.

Of these, I contributed additional effects work to the entire church sequence, from the moment Normal Guy enters the cathedral sanctuary to his transformation into a superhero.

Visual effects included adding all the stained glass windows to the interior, surrounding the priest in a transcendental aura, and creating Normal Guy’s ascension to superhero status, with glowing crystals and heavenly streaks of light.