The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

ROLE: Flame Artist | VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Hydraulx
CLIENT: Paramount | Warner Bros.
VFX SUPERVISOR: Greg Strause & Erik Liles
DIRECTOR: David Fincher

My work on David Fincher’s critically acclaimed “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” focused primarily on the Paris sequence, where Daisy suffers her career-ending tragedy from an unexpected traffic accident. In the narrated montage, Daisy leaves her dance studio, twirling into the street in a mild euphoria, only to be struck by an oncoming taxi.

In addition to combining A-B plates for the car’s impact with Daisy, I enhanced a number of shots with matte paintings of dirty streets, period buildings, a re-positioned Eiffel Tower, and art-directed skies. Many of these shots required car reflection clean-ups, as well, due to the white reflective bounce screens placed high above the location streets.

Also, I composited a few establishing shots of Murmansk, comprised of matte painting extensions and CG snow, and did some clean-up work for Benjamin as a baby, removing a somewhat unconvincing mechanical infant from a blanket in Queenie’s arms.