Microsoft | Crytek: “Codename: Kingdoms”

ROLE: On-Set 2D Supervisor / Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Digital Domain
CLIENT: Microsoft | Crytek
DIRECTOR: Robert Hales

Microsoft/Crytek commissioned this teaser trailer for E3 2010 to promote a yet-to-be-created video game, provisionally entitled “Codename: Kingdoms.”

Due to a compressed schedule, simulating CG gameplay was ruled out. Instead, the decision was made to shoot actors on greenscreen, then use post-production to create a video game look.

Composited entirely in Flame, with minimal CG, this teaser capitalizes on the use of matte paintings and stock elements, as a well as a number of image processing techniques.

In addition to aiding with the on-set shoot, I tackled all the wide shots of the warrior on the battlefield, a couple where he’s flanked by his fellow soldiers, and helped develop the overall visual style of the piece.