NFL | Super Bowl LIV: “The Next 100”

NFL: “The Next 100: Super Bowl LIV”

NFL: “The Next 100: Super Bowl LIV Teaser: Hot Dog Cart”

NFL: “The Next 100: Super Bowl LIV Teaser: One Take”

NFL: “The Next 100: Super Bowl LIV Teaser: Aaron Donald and Joey Bosa”

NFL: “The Next 100: Super Bowl LIV Teaser: Jugs Machine”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mill
AGENCY: 72andSunny
DIRECTOR: Max Malkin

How do you top last years’ NFL Super Bowl entry “The 100 Year Game,” which featured just about every NFL star player your could think of?

You not only do the same, but you take it on the road, cross-country and coast-to-coast, in a game to end all games.

This year’s long-form NFL spot for Super Bowl LIV features a young boy, playing football in a rural town, who decides the field just isn’t big enough, and opts to keep running past the goal and beyond. Along his path, he encounters numerous NFL vets and pros, urging him to “Take it to the House Kid.”

When he finally arrives at the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida, the filmed spot segues into a live broadcasted segment of the boy, and a crowd of young football fans, entering the stadium, delivering the ball for the game kick-off. The finished spot spliced in the live portion for subsequent broadcast.

“The Next 100” was a massive project, at 2.5 minutes in length, with upwards to 100 effects shots, 20+ unique social deliverables, and a little under a week and a half to finish it all. The team was large, lead by The Mill’s Adam Lambert, with numerous senior artists working as fast as possible to deliver the project early enough to allow rehearsals for the live televised segment. To top it all off, none of us was really quite sure if it was actually going to work.

As I did for the previous year’s “The 100 Year Game,” I primarily handled all the social deliverables for “The Next 100,” four of which are included above. These featured shots from the long-form spot, as well as unique takes, and additional or extended shots. Some of my shots ended up in the long-form. Some long-form shots ended up in the socials. And whenever I had downtime, I picked up additional work from the long-form.

It was a big, high-speed juggling act that required everyone to be in top-form from start to finish.

As is common with these NFL spots, clean-up was abundant, from unlicensed signage to t-shirt logo removal to all that subjective stuff that makes shots look better. There was a fair share of plate retiming, and the subsequent paint-work that comes with it, as well as greenscreen comps, split-screens, matte paintings, etc.

On my end, I also had the usual finishing tasks that come with social deliverables, including alternate edits, subtitling, supers, color corrections, shot repos, and pan-and-scan treatments for various aspect ratios, all specific to the given delivery formats.

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Budweiser: “Drink Wiser: Make the Right Right Call”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
CLIENT: Anheuser-Busch
AGENCY: McGarry Bowen LLC

Budweiser’s latest campaign arrives as a “public service” announcement, entitled “Drink Wiser,” encouraging frequent hydration between Buds – i.e. drinking plenty of water between all those beers to stay healthy.

To illustrate their message, Budweiser enlisted L.A. Lakers’ Danny Green and comedic actor Anthony Anderson. The long-form spot is titled “Make the Right Call,” and demonstrates the often outrageous, and totally beneficial, effects of drinking water regularly.

Green appears on the jumbotron during a Laker’s game, encouraging healthy hydration alongside responsible drinking. As spectator, Anderson tosses aside his Bud, and chugs a bottle of water instead, instantly boosting his brain power, and setting him on a wacky and wild winning course as new coach of the Lakers.

Of course, in the end, it all proves to be a fun-filled fever dream, ending as quickly as it began, with a nearby fan’s excited splash of water to his face to shake Anderson out of the all-too-real fantasy.

This long-form spot had its fair share of challenges, from CG crowds to upgrading a college basketball court to the necessary NBA standard. This included populating empty seats, extending floors and walls, modifying court colors and layout, adding jumbotrons, and adjusting light and atmosphere.

Additional shots required swapping Budweiser bottles for water bottles in the locker room and all the celebration shots, as well as creating a mock broadcast throughout Times Square.

I worked alongside Kevin’s Anthony Pettiti to finish “Make the Right Call.”