HomeAdvisor: “Sweaters” | “Sliced Bread”

HomeAdvisor: “Sweaters”

Home Advisor: “Sliced Bread”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist | VFX Compositor
CLIENT: HomeAdvisor

These two humorously clever spots juxtapose the all-too-familiar challenges of DIY home improvement with the convenience and ease of using HomeAdvisor’s app to aid in said-challenges.

The first, “Sweaters,” required a bit of 2D comp work to frost and chill down the environment, adding and augmenting practically shots icicles, creating cold breath, and bulking up and rounding off sweaters that weren’t quite layered deeply enough. The dog is real, and the parrot is a combination of a puppeteered prop and an actual bird.

“Sliced Bread” required a series of split screens to craft the ceiling high stacks and stacks of toasted bread, which surprisingly, required little in the way of augmentation to make them look toastier.

Both spots also had the typical tasks of set clean-up, and of course, phone screen comps. The screen tracks were a little tricky in some cases. But nothing too unmanageable.

I assisted Kevin’s Robert Murdock in assembling these spots.

Budweiser: “Drink Wiser: Make the Right Right Call”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
CLIENT: Anheuser-Busch
AGENCY: McGarry Bowen LLC

Budweiser’s latest campaign arrives as a “public service” announcement, entitled “Drink Wiser,” encouraging frequent hydration between Buds – i.e. drinking plenty of water between all those beers to stay healthy.

To illustrate their message, Budweiser enlisted L.A. Lakers’ Danny Green and comedic actor Anthony Anderson. The long-form spot is titled “Make the Right Call,” and demonstrates the often outrageous, and totally beneficial, effects of drinking water regularly.

Green appears on the jumbotron during a Laker’s game, encouraging healthy hydration alongside responsible drinking. As spectator, Anderson tosses aside his Bud, and chugs a bottle of water instead, instantly boosting his brain power, and setting him on a wacky and wild winning course as new coach of the Lakers.

Of course, in the end, it all proves to be a fun-filled fever dream, ending as quickly as it began, with a nearby fan’s excited splash of water to his face to shake Anderson out of the all-too-real fantasy.

This long-form spot had its fair share of challenges, from CG crowds to upgrading a college basketball court to the necessary NBA standard. This included populating empty seats, extending floors and walls, modifying court colors and layout, adding jumbotrons, and adjusting light and atmosphere.

Additional shots required swapping Budweiser bottles for water bottles in the locker room and all the celebration shots, as well as creating a mock broadcast throughout Times Square.

I worked alongside Kevin’s Anthony Pettiti to finish “Make the Right Call.”