Acura: “Safety”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / Nuke Compositor
VENDOR: Motion Theory
DIRECTOR: Kaan Atilla & Mathew Cullen

This is one of two spots for Acura. The premise centers on Acura’s superior ratings in car safety, as visually compared to numerous recognizable luxury cars, which are also perceived to be high-ranking in the safety deaprtment.

This is demonstrated through an elegant display of numerous iconic car badges and grills, cut together with voiceover. After branded images of Jaguar, BMW, and Lexus, to name a few, the spot concludes on Acura as the leader.

Sounds simple enough. But as car commercials go, everything has to look perfect, even if 90% of the spot features the competitors’ cars.

My role was to make these cars look as pristine as possible, using Nuke to eliminate unwanted rig reflections and dirt, clean up chrome artifacts, remove radiators behind the grillwork, combine multiple lighting passes, and replace the backgrounds.

I also handled conform duties in Flame.