Disney Theme Parks: “Jungle Cruise”

ROLE: Senior Nuke Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Digital Domain
CLIENT: Disney Theme Parks

This humorous spot for Disney Theme Parks was among one of my first Nuke compositing jobs for Digital Domain. I’d mainly done Flame work for them.

The spot capitalizes on the animatronic animals of the popular Jungle Cruise ride. The premise is that when people aren’t looking, the animatronic animals come to life, talking amongst themselves about Disney’s latest admission deals.

I handled most of the lion’s den shots, featuring the lion, lioness, and reclining zebra, as well as the toucans, giraffes, and a wide shot of all the animals in an open meadow. Depending on the shot, animals were either entirely CG, just their heads, and on a few occasion, just the mouths and eyes.

In case you were wondering, the look was intended to be photoreal animatronic, not photoreal animal.