Kia Canada: “Glasses” | “8 Bit” | “Toolbox”

Kia Canada: “Glasses”

Kia Canada: “8-Bit”

Kia Canada: “Toolbox”

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
AGENCY: Innocean Worldwide Canada

In addition to the finishing, I handled a number of visual aspects for these three Kia spots. “Glasses” is the 60 second hero spot. “8-Bit” and “Toolbox” are spin-offs that draw from specific shots in “Glasses.”

There were two big challenges. First, due to some undesirable plate photography, the footage needed to be transformed from a late afternoon cool temperature to a sunny mid afternoon warmth. Second, due to a tight schedule, a number of Nuke comps needed to be augmented, re-graded, or finished in Flame.

Also, there were additional tasks specific to each spot. For “Glasses,” I designed the POV look for the world as viewed through the glasses. For “8-Bit,” I worked on the look of the bee and resulting splat. And for “Toolbox,” I supervised a number of transformation shots.

In addition, there was the usual car and environment clean-up – everything from tires and rig reflections to signage and vagrant people.