Google Nest: “Talking Houses”

Google Nest: “Talking Houses: 127 Willow Lane”

Google Nest: “Talking Houses: 36 Spring Street”

Google Nest: “Talking Houses: 208 Ridge Road”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mill
AGENCY: Google
PRODUCTION CO: Park Pictures
DIRECTOR: Chris Wilcha

To promote their Smart Home initiative, Google Nest opted to let the homes tell their own stories, literally. The personification of these three houses reflect memories of the families and events that have taken place within their walls. You might even recognize some of the talent lending their voices to these homes.

All three were exercises of subtlety in storytelling, crafting an idyllic and naturalistic visual narrative that signified familiarity. This meant beautifying home exteriors, landscaping yards, and augmenting various rooms, all through the wonders of 2D compositing and clean-up. The idea was to present a home that could be your own, if not in actuality, than in spirit.

Specific vignettes required additional comp work. “36 Spring Street” featured a pseudo-timelapse of its exterior remodels, as well as depictions of seasonal changes. “127 Willow Lane” had a shaggy dog that needed to blend into a shag carpet, and a load of period-related interior adjustments, particularly the conversation room. And “208 Ridge Road” had a racoon bandit, shot practically, that needed a bit of retiming and clean-up.

Also, each spot had Nest devices that required product beauty and screen comps for the given displays. The round UI for the thermostat was a bit tricky to make stick. And the background wallpaper for each house needed styling to make the device stand-out.