Miley Cyrus: “Can’t Be Tamed”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor / Matte Painter
VENDOR: Digital Domain
CLIENT: Hollywood Records
DIRECTOR: Robert Hales

In all my years, I never imagined myself working on a Miley Cyrus video – let alone the one that would mark the end of Hannah Montana wholesome goodness, instead promising future days of twerking and tongue-wagging.

Allegedly inspired by a dream, Miley’s wild rumpus through a museum of natural history features the former Disney poster girl in a provocative bird costume, escaping her cage and running wild like a Cirque du Soleil production possessed by Britney Spears.

Crammed into an aggressive two week post schedule, all compositing was done entirely in Flame.

I handled all of the matte paintings for the wide shots, creating wall extensions, ceiling arches and lighting for the museum interior, as well as capping the practical cage with a curtained dome.

Also, I built out all the feathered backgrounds for the peacock sequence, worked on a few CG wing comps, and tackled all the clean-up, and half the beauty work, of which there was more than you’d expect.