Target: “The Everyday Collection”

Target” “The Everyday Collection: Bake Sale”

Target” “The Everyday Collection: Laundry”

Target: “The Everyday Collection: Under Pressure”

Target: “The Everyday Collection: Ravenous”

Target: “The Everyday Collection: Cowgirl”

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
CLIENT: Target

Target’s Everyday Collection campaign offered the opportunity to design a classy new look to a mainstream brand.

The spots mash high fashion with everyday products in a visually outrageous style. For “Bake Sale,” a gorgeous model walks the runway amongst slow motion exploding cake boxes. For “Laundry,” she floats through a giant metaphorical washing machine, searching for her missing sock. In “Under Pressure, she tackles making oats with a fire hose. Sure, it’s ridiculous. But that’s the point. And “Ravenous” and “Cowgirl” demonstrate the challenges of handling newborns, or soon to be.

All of these spots were created in Flame. And for five of the eight that debuted during this year’s Golden Globes, I served as Lead Flame Artist at Logan LA. As you can probably imagine, there was tons of beauty and clean-up work, to make everyone and everything look absolutely perfect. Also, there were a few tricky compositing and compositional challenges, particularly with “Bake Sale’s” exploding powder, and “Laundry’s” swirling fabric and bubbles. These were achieved through practical elements, assembled during many lengthy interactive client sessions.

In addition, Flame Artist Brandon Sanders contributed product blast shots to “Under Pressure.”