Green Lantern

ROLE: Senior VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Sony Pictures Imageworks
CLIENT: DC Entertainment | Warner Bros. Pictures
DIRECTOR: Martin Campbell

For DC Entertainment’s highly-anticipated superhero entry “Green Lantern,” I was tasked with a handful of shots for the “training platform” sequence. Here, mortal Hal Jordan learns to wield his Lantern powers on the distant planet Oa.

The entire sequence was shot greenscreen in mo-cap suits, utilizing only the actors’ heads for the final composites. Each shot consisted of a CG pan & tile OA environment background and midground, a more detailed platform foreground with neighboring architecture, and a multi-layered CG Hal and/or Sinestro suit. Additional elements included “constructs” of a sword made of green energy, and the famous Lantern ring.

Since the only practical element retained from plate photography was the actors’ heads, the primary challenge was blending real necklines with CG suit collars. Often, the CG elements needed extra warping and tracking to create a convincing blend. Also, the Lantern suits needed to be alive with green arcing energy, and dialed to intensity depending on the actions of the training sequence.