Lineage 2: Revolution: “Conan Wants to Break Your Flat Screen”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mill
DIRECTOR: Bryan Buckley

The title of this spot speaks for itself. Conan O’Brien literally wants to smash through your flat screen, so he can sell you on the mobile gaming app “Lineage 2: Revolution.”

Mostly shot in camera, this short turnaround spot required a fair amount of enhancement, due to the indecision of which take of the smashed flat screen looked best. It turned out to be a combo, requiring multiple plates to be stitched together, from flying through the flatscreen, the shattering of the screen itself, and the debris aftermath, including the shatter pattern. I had to do most of it, so many shortcuts were explored.

I also added sparks, dust, and additional debris, as well as the room seen through the hole in the TV/wall. Conan had a minimal amount of beauty work .

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