Fiat 500 feat. J’Lo: “My World” | “Elegance”

Fiat 500: “My World”

Fiat 500 Gucci: “Elegance”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Big Block
AGENCY: Doner Michigan
DIRECTOR: Max Malkin

Fiat 500 made waves when they brought on Jennifer Lopez to be their spokesperson in 2011. It was kind of a coup. Back then, she went by the more streetwise abbreviated moniker of J’Lo, which works well for this particular campaign. Also, rumor has it, she got five of these things when she signed on. I wonder if she drove any of them.

Anyway, with this pair of spots, I can definitely confirm that she drives two, since technically the Gucci model is its own thing.

For starters, “My World” capitalizes on J’Lo’s Bronx origins, and the inspiration it provided to rise to the pinnacles of her immensely successful career.

A majority of the work involved sign clean-up (due to clearance issues), camera shadow and reflection removals, exterior car revisions, due to the EU car being used instead of the US, speedometer adjustments (i.e. a full gas tank, the proper speed limit), and of course, J’Lo’s beauty work, which was unsurprisingly nuanced and specific.

Also, an EU version of this spot was produced, via CG and 2D fixes to the car. Revisions included removal of wheel reflectors, white side mirrors instead of chrome, different license plates, and a white dash and steering wheel instead of a black one.

Thanks to the Gucci branding, the second spot, “Elegance,” moves uptown, with J’Lo again waxing narrative about the city’s lasting influence. Except, this time, the down-to-earth streetwise world gets swapped for the style-minded environs of high fashion and hip nightlife.

The spot is structured visually from afternoon to evening, with color grading to match. This includes adapting day-for-night Fiat running footage, accenting the afternoon sun with glints and flares across the environment’s buildings, and sexing up the night streets with bokeh flares from headlamps and street lights.

In addition, much like “My World,” there’s the typical clean-up and beauty work. This involved removal of camera reflections from the Fiat’s glossy black hood, street and storefront signage that didn’t receive clearance, and unwanted cones, cops, and people in the streets. And of course, there’s the obligatory J’Lo digital makeup and facial tucks.