BMW i3: “Decisions”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Ntropic
AGENCY: Dorten

This “one-take” German-market spot kicked off the launch of BMW’s new EV series, primarily focused on the i3. I entered this project midway through its completion, and spent a couple weeks helping lead artist Alex Frisch nudge the various takes into place.

Originally, the entire spot was shot practical, with real cars on real streets, as well as some helicopter plates for overhead city views – drones weren’t a thing yet. To get the various plates to align, each take had to be re-projected on Flame geo to achieve a single, continuous motion. This often required stabilization, counter animation, and in some cases, completely new camera motion. Honestly, it wasn’t easy.

The work was split equally among multiple artists, who came and went during the project’s duration. I handled the intro city flythrough, landing on the i3 and i5 pair at street level. I also contributed a flythrough into and out of the i3’s interior, which required a complete rebuild of the roof, seats, and dashboard, due to the camera rig.