MSMR: “Hurricane”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
CLIENT: Columbia Records
DIRECTOR: Luke Gilford

Director Luke Gilford is one of those young and gifted talents that actually has a visual style all his own. Previously, I’ve worked with him on a few interesting commercial spots. But it wasn’t until MS MR’s video for “Hurricane” that I really realized what he was capable of.

Designed to provoke reactions through abstract imagery, the video evolves like a futuristic fashion shoot through a collage of “human” imagery, with blue skinned women, growing tattooed scalps, and multi-eyed beauties, to name a few. The imagery ranges from bizarre, grotesque, striking, surreal, and gorgeous.

My contributions tended to be on the bizarre and striking, adding additional eyes to a woman’s cheeks for multiple shots, and augmenting tattooed scales on a woman’s head that grow like spilled ink on paper. I also contributed some minimal beauty work to various shots, as the director preferred to keep the imagery pure rather than perfect.