Nescafe: “Sunrise”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
CLIENT: Nescafe

Intended for Mexican television, this elegant spot for Nescafe focuses on the magical transition from night into day, all through the actions of a child.

In the moments before daybreak, a family treks to a meadow, where they encounter the dividing line between evening dark and morning light.

The child takes the initiative, reaching his grasping hand towards the sunlight, and literally pulling the morning light into the night. Everyone, consequently, gets in on the action, ultimately bringing a Nescafe coffee-drinking morning to the waking town.

For this spot, I worked on a number of the night and day meadow shots, as well as when townsfolk are chasing the line between night and day. Many of these were accomplished with complicated color corrections and multiple plates. I also contributed to meadow sky replacements and some additional clean-ups for the town.