Chobani Flip: “A Little Door” | “He Can Fly” | “Food Fight”

Chobani Flip: “A Little Door”

Chobani Flip: “He Can Fly”

Chobani Flip: “Food Fight”

ROLE: Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mill
AGENCY: Chobani
DIRECTOR: Dante Ariola

These magical Chobani spots marked the beginning of a trio of unrelated food products I worked on, the former two being Taco Bell and KFC.

I truly enjoyed contributing to these visuals, each a stylized children’s fairy tale-ish fantasy, all centered around the concept of Flipland, an imaginary world inspired by Chobani’s gimmicky flip container for its yogurt. Minor amounts of CG augmented a mostly in-camera and 2D enhanced workload of visual effects.

Shot indoors, each required environment extensions, ranging from tricky forests that intersected warehouse rafters to wheat fields that needed to grow for miles to flowered landscapes with painterly mountains. I contributed to a handful of each, relying mostly on replicating plate photography with Flame camera tracks.

I also worked on fairy dust, magical door light, and blooming flowers for “A Little Door.” And I handled rig removal and the addition of more flying food for “Food Fight.”

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