Dodge Charger: “The Future of Driving”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Digital Domain
DIRECTOR: Carl Erik Rinsch

Originally slotted for Super Bowl 2011, this Dodge commercial ultimately found its way to the internet a few months later. A long colorful journey precedes its cancellation. But for all practical purposes, let’s just say that the powers-that-be simply just didn’t get it.

Designed as a counterpoint to contemporary car conveniences, the spot depicts the Charger as a no-frills driving machine. This is achieved through an absurdist extrapolation of technology and the future, where an automated lifestyle doesn’t always lead to a satisfactory one.

A number of compositors worked on this spot, but my contributions primarily consisted of futuristic apartment interiors (the clothes changing device, the automated door handle), some garage clean-up (rig and greenscreen removals), and the beautifying of all of the running car footage (car and street clean-up, color grading). I also contributed some interior car robot comps, particularly focused on the animated face.

Additionally, I managed the conform, accommodating all editorial changes, which doesn’t seem like much … unless you take into consideration that the edit was never truly “locked,” and on delivery day, we were receiving edit v84 from the agency.