Bones: “Man in the Mud” (Ep. 3.10)

ROLE: Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Look Effects
CLIENT: Fox Television
DIRECTOR: Scott Lautanen

My work for this third season episode of the popular investigative series “Bones” focused on enhancing and improving a tragic motorcycle crash that occurs on a racetrack.

The scene features a rider who crashes due to a sabotaged bike. He loses control, slides on his side, and the bike explodes, engulfing him in flames.

The plate footage consisted of a stunt rider sliding the bike on its side until it came to a stop, and separate takes of the bike exploding with the stuntman lying face-down nearby – not on fire, for obvious safety reasons.

Sparks were added to the skidding bike, explosions were enlarged to engulf the rider, and the racetrack barrier wall was extended and repositioned to be more threatening to the bike’s impact.