Video Game Vixens

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist | Senior Broadcast Designer
VENDOR: G4 Media | Comcast

A beauty pageant for sexy female video game characters …

Honestly, the premise for this show was completely ridiculous … and most likely, inappropriate … particularly, when viewed through today’s “me too” filter. But it happened back in ’05. And despite the titilating “filler” aspect being the predominant force in its inception, this show’s graphics package was a lot of fun to design and execute, offering some unique animation challenges, and a particularly entertaining live action intro I got to supervise.

The premise was simple: video game characters crash a traditional beauty pageant, kill the competition, literally, and steal the crown. Lara Croft’s shooting the place up. Bloodrayne is making short work with her dual wrist blades. And there’s another character I don’t recall, who steals the crown.

The graphic open was a bit tougher, since I was restricted by the sanctioned stills for each character/contestant. But through some simple and direct 2D animation techniques, somewhat inspired by anime techniques, this portion came together strongly.