Anime Unleashed

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist / Lead Broadcast Designer

“Anime Unleashed” was TechTV’s nightly showcase for Japan’s edgiest and most relevant animated series of the era – aka 2002.

After lengthy debate and exploration, the design team arrived at the conclusion that anime’s uniqueness came from its duality of stillness and motion. Animation was sparse and simple, yet visceral and engaging. Color exploded across the screen, yet possessed a balance and appropriateness. And the most complex imagery of robotic mecha and futuristic vehicles could be communicated with still imagery translated across the screen.

Combine this with an homage to Luc Besson’s “Fifth Element,” as well as a bit of William Gibson, and the show’s graphic opener took shape: a hurtling freefall through a cel-styled futuristic city, bursting into a streaking tunnel filled with charging mecha, concluding on a cyberspace influenced logo resolve.


ROLE: Lead Flame Artist / Lead Broadcast Designer

“Darwination” is the very first animated piece I designed for TechTV. And it was done in an afternoon, while waiting for my first official assignment.

The animation, of course, was a different, lengthier story. The assembly and creation took the better part of a couple of months, on and off, since this wasn’t an officially sanctioned project. It was one of those, “When you have spare time, why not create a station ID.” So when time permitted, I threw as much effort as I could at it. At times, it was a lot. At others, very little. And fortunately, due to a lack of deadline, I had enough room to explore as many ideas as possible.

Inspired by the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel, the central concept focuses on a metaphorical representation of the primordial soup, where technology first swims in the muck, then through organic evolution, grows into more complex and structured shapes, until it eventually takes flight as a sentient creature.

“Darwination” was awarded a BDA Bronze Award in the category of In-House On-Air Station ID.

Groove Street

ROLE: Director | Flint Artist | Alias Power Animator Artists
VENDER: Academy of Art College

-Groove Street” goes all the way back to the late-90s, being my first all CG project that ended up playing in a brief art installation. Named after a misprint on a business card, intended to say Grove Street (my former residence), it ultimately became a stream-of-conscious visual meditation on my thoughts towards music – which in my case, carried vast significance, since I used to be a music journalist for a half a dozen years.

It goes without saying that “Groove Street” is more than a little rough around the edges. There’s quite a bit of amateur stuff in there. Bad animation. Bad texturing. Bad mattes. Etc. But to this day, I still remain fond of it, with nostalgia running high. Plus, there’s some wickedly strong wacked-out ideas floating around in there, just waiting to be executed with the knowledge I possess today. If only I had the free time …

Why include it? It’s a reminder of where I started. And that’s something I don’t want to forget.

All CG was done in Alias PowerAnimator and composited in Discreet Flint on Silicon Graphics O2’s and Indigo’s (for those that remember, those were the purple toasters and rectangular boxes).

Included is a 3 minute excerpt.