H&R Block: “Get Your Billions Back America”

H&R Block: “Get Your Billions Back America: Air Drop”

H&R Block: “Get Your Billions Back America: Toe Drop”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mill
AGENCY: Fallon
DIRECTOR: Randy Krallman

I love idea of money pallets being dropped out of the back of cargo planes. It seems so outrageous. But that’s exactly what these H&R spots did, practically and in-camera.

Well … it wasn’t actual money. But they were actual lifesize props, complete with parachutes. And they were pushed out the back of an actual cargo plane, somewhere in the California desert.

The fact that the primary element in these spots was captured practically put a huge smile on my face. It always wins the believability-test, in my opinion. But of course, that didn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of work to dofor America to “Get Back It’s Billions.”

There was only plane, shot many times from many perspectives. So the aerial fleet had to be assembled from multiple takes. Also, the earthbound landscape needed to reflect homes, communities, and cities, and not a rural empty desert. No point of dumping money in the middle of nowhere. So matte paintings were tracked into these downward looking perspectives.

There was an occasional CG plane added to accommodate certain interior-looking-out views, as well as some CG parachutes, already expanded and descending. But all the pallets leaving the planes were real.

Interior shots required some work on the money pallets themselves, concerning the overall scale and amount of the money stack. Also, the lit-up “Billions” sign needed to be added.

I handled all the exterior fleet shots, including plane duplication, environment clean-up and matte painting additions. I also added a few CG planes and parachutes for a couple interior shots.