HomeAdvisor: “Sweaters” | “Sliced Bread”

HomeAdvisor: “Sweaters”

Home Advisor: “Sliced Bread”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist | VFX Compositor
CLIENT: HomeAdvisor

These two humorously clever spots juxtapose the all-too-familiar challenges of DIY home improvement with the convenience and ease of using HomeAdvisor’s app to aid in said-challenges.

The first, “Sweaters,” required a bit of 2D comp work to frost and chill down the environment, adding and augmenting practically shots icicles, creating cold breath, and bulking up and rounding off sweaters that weren’t quite layered deeply enough. The dog is real, and the parrot is a combination of a puppeteered prop and an actual bird.

“Sliced Bread” required a series of split screens to craft the ceiling high stacks and stacks of toasted bread, which surprisingly, required little in the way of augmentation to make them look toastier.

Both spots also had the typical tasks of set clean-up, and of course, phone screen comps. The screen tracks were a little tricky in some cases. But nothing too unmanageable.

I assisted Kevin’s Robert Murdock in assembling these spots.