KFC: “Bossa Crispy” | “All In”

KFC” “Bossa Crispy”

KFC: “All In”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mill
AGENCY: Wieden+Kennedy
DIRECTOR: Gary Freedman

I think I’ve seen this boat cruising in and out of Marina del Rey from time to time.

That said, these two KFC spots were shot in Long Beach. The boat was docked for some insurance/regulatory reason I’m unsure about, since I don’t actually own or operate a boat. This little snafu meant replacing all the backgrounds for the deck/interior shots. I added open water and the Caribbean island for most of the wide shots in both spots.

Also, the boat’s exterior didn’t have all the KFC branding, so I added some red decals to a couple of shots. Additionally, there was some clean-up of a ceiling rig, food beauty and steaming, and further populating of the decks with more people.

Surprisingly, no beauty work was needed for the Colonel, a.k.a. George Hamilton. His extra crispy look was good as is.

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