Nike: “TW14” feat. Tiger Woods

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mission
AGENCY: Wieden+Kennedy
DIRECTOR: Brad Parker

Another early spot I worked on at the Mission. This Nike advert features Tiger Woods in a subversion of golf decorum, with rowdy crowds, and boxing and baseball intrusions. It’s built out of original and found footage, much from the PGA, and some additional plates of crowds, refs, a catcher, and a few other sports references.

I worked on bits and pieces of clean-up and compositing, tidying up foreground edges and replicating crowds throughout. My main contribution is to the catcher/umpire shot, which required a fair amount of work, due to the focal issues.

It’s a weird spot with a weird look. But in hindsight, I kind of like the quirkiness.