Coors Banquet: “How It’s Done: Water”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: The Mission
AGENCY: 72andSunny

This Coors Banquet spot is part of a thematic series, narrated by Sam Ellliot, all based on its historical Colorado Rocky Mountain roots. Honestly, these spots, including this one in particular, looked pretty straightforward at the outset. They’re weren’t.

I worked on most of the shots in “Water.” Most of it’s clean-up and product beauty. But the scrutiny was extreme. The opening shot of the bottle needed reframing, with no clean plates to help out. So all of that flowing, splashing water had to be rebuilt. The bottle label needed to be replaced, the glass misted and speckled with droplets, etc.

Same goes for the end shot. The timing of the bottle slide needed reworking, which required background clean-up, the slide had to be steadied and smoothed, and the bar background ultimately had to be replaced. All intensive, time consuming tasks, especially considering the amount of back and forth that went into it.