Dewar’s: “Highlander Honey”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Luma Pictures
CLIENT: Dewar’s
AGENCY: Opperman Weiss
DIRECTOR: Moshe & Eddie Brakha

Almost all of my work for this spot was performing beauty work on actress Claire Forlani. She doesn’t really need it. But creative direction made it a necessity.

The spot features an aggressive color grade, with contrast crunched to extremities and chroma shifted entirely to grainy gold. Also, she stands behind a prominently featured window screen that creates a subtle pattern over her face. Combined, these circumstances exaggerate normal facial features, transforming wrinkles into patterned crevices and blemishes into pixellated black holes.

The solution was less procedural and more manual frame-by-frame paint and source node work. In nearly every instance, the window screen also needed to be rebuilt and/or restored in a manner that didn’t re-introduce any imperfections to her face. A bit more challenging than the typical “airbrush” job.

In addition, I also comp’d a CG bee sting, and did product beauty work and animation for the product resolve.