Sony Interactive Entertainment | Guerrilla Games: “Killzone 3”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Digital Domain
CLIENT: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Guerrilla Games
DIRECTOR: Vernon Wilbert

This cinematic was one of my earliest forays into video game production. I was mainly a Flame conform artist for this portion of the wartime sci-fi epic “Killzone 3.” But considering its complexity in storytelling and pacing, I also served a bit on the editorial side. Plus, the most interesting challenge for me was that the entire cinematic was designed and rendered for stereoscopic viewing. That’s 3D to you and me.

At the time, assembling a 3D conform and aiding in the design of depth was a completely new territory in my experience. The industry was still undergoing a 3D renaissance, with new digital techniques and a bit of a wild west attitude. So a lot of what I did involved a try-anything approach, with full reign to experiment and innovate. Without question, that was fun.

Although commonplace today, back then, I had a fair-sized learning curve with color grading, stylistic treatments, and 2D effects work. And the stereoscopic editorial timeline not only doubled the amount of work, but also required an intuitive understanding of depth and convergence for each individual shot.