Selena Gomez (Sears Arrive Air Band): “I’m Gonna Arrive”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor

To promote their Fall ’09 school fashions, Sears chose not to go” back” to school. They chose to “arrive.”

“I’m Gonna Arrive” was the defining slogan for this ambitious campaign, focused on the freedom and excitement of starting the school year in style.

And arrive they did, enlisting child star Selena Gomez, as well as a number of other talented kids, to create a music video centered completely around a super-choreographed youth-oriented “air-band.”

Themed with four musical genres – rock, hip-hop, skater, and pop – the video features these kids dancing, lip-syncing, and playing their favorite “air” instruments.

My contributions are primarily for the opening rock section, accomplished entirely in 2D with Flame, compositing cityscapes, sky and atmosphere, and fireworks behind greenscreen rooftop dance footage.

I also aided in the execution of the clothes-changing transition from school yard to rooftop, as well as did some CG comp work on the backgrounds for the hip-hop and pop sections.