Rexona: “Man Adventure”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
CLIENT: Rexona
AGENCY: Vegavega Olmos Ponce

This humorous spot for Rexona deodorant was created for a South American audience.

Primarily a rig removal spot, the premise is that a mountain biker loses his front tire while riding through a forest. To avoid crashing, he chases it, riding uni-wheel, until he can catch up and ultimately re-attach it.

Shot practically, the spot necessitated many cable removals, all to balance and support the bicyclist riding on his rear wheel through rugged terrain. One of the bigger challenges was a handful of shots, which to better suit the narrative, required the front tire’s removal from the plate.

I contributed cable and tire removals, as well as compositing the concluding chase and re-attachment of the front tire. The most complicated was a front tire removal for the concluding shot, involving the bicyclist riding towards camera, chasing his lost tire rolling in front of him.