Microsoft Studios | Epic Games: “Gears of War 3: Walls of Brotherhood”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Digital Domain
CLIENT: Microsoft Studios | Epic Games
DIRECTOR: Aladino Debert

“Walls of Brotherhood” consists of six spots, each depicting a different stage of destruction of a large triangular walled object. As explosions occur, an etched mural depicting the Gears of War story is revealed behind the debris. The above featured clip is a compilation of highlights from all six spots.

The primary task was to augment or completely replace the murals being revealed. Per client critique, plate photography explosions were great, but the murals beneath them didn’t read as effectively as intended.

This posed a few unique challenges. To replace the murals behind the blank walls, a number of keying and color correction techniques were implemented to create a convincing composite. For the murals exploding to reveal the statues, additional warping, hand-tracks, and g-masks were utilized to shatter the newly replaced murals.

Additionally, parallax was added to static shots, and unwanted exploding debris was removed.

Myself and Jeff Heusser contributed to 5 of these spots. Lisa Tomei worked on the exploding logo at the end of the featured compilation, which chronologically was the campaign’s first spot.