Infiniti QX: “Discover”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor / Matte Painter
VENDOR: Digital Domain
CLIENT: Infiniti

This is the first shodo ink Infiniti spot I had the privilege of working on for Digital Domain.

Although not quite as visually ground-breaking as the original “Master Driver” and “G-Line” spots that preceded it, this one instead placed its emphasis on the practical navigation and safety features that Infiniti has innovated for their QX line.

Visual razzle dazzle was unnecessary. The side and rear cameras and collision warning system were impressive technologies all on their own.

I handled the car clean-up and beauty work, exterior matte paintings (mainly rock-laden environments and wide shots of country roads), interior comps of exterior 2.5D meadow settings, and shodo brush strokes for the overhead birds shot, as well as the introductory wide shot.