Dr. Pepper: “Thor”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Digital Domain
CLIENT: Dr. Pepper

This Dr. Pepper spot was first conceived for the Super Bowl, but through the powers-that-be, instead revised to be a cross-promotion to coincide with the May release of Marvel’s “Thor.”

As such, the spot benefited from better footage to choose from, as many FX shots from the film had yet-to-be completed, improved integration with the film (the Destroyer’s fire beam was originally a lightning bolt from Thor), and an opportunity to further revise the sky replacements and storm composites.

I handled the Flame duties, while compositors Sven Dreesback and Arthur Argote took on a majority of the Nuke work.

My primary Flame tasks were removal of unwanted awning poles, street lights, and trees, plate blending for multiple takes of Stan Lee, minor beauty work on Lee, and the standard keeping of the conform. I also handled some Nuke shots, further refining composite edges of talent for sky replacements, as well as updated comps to accommodate new takes.