7Days Croissants: “Get’s Me Started”

ROLE: Senior Flame Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Digital Domain
DIRECTOR: Dael Oates

This dizzying spot for 7Days chocolate-filled croissants is all about “getting started” on the right foot – albeit a gravity defying topsy-turvy one at that.

In this case, whenever a 7Days logo appears (e.g. in an alarm clock or traffic light), this random denim-clad dude levitates horizontally in a vertigo inducing flight. He flies through his bedroom, down sidewalks, across streets, and though a supermarket, eventually landing before a stocked row of 7Days croissants.

Shot in-camera and on-location, this spot required extensive wire and rig removal, often necessitating a complete shot rebuild through Flame projections and cards.

Also, there’s quite an extensive amount of beauty work on the hero croissant, and its chocolate interior.

As a sidebar, I’m told that the final spot made numerous Digital Domain employees queasy when viewed in the screening room.