Tic Tac: “T-Form” | “Visualizer”

Tic Tac: “T-Form”

Tic Tac: “Visualizer”

ROLE: Senior Nuke Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Motion Theory
AGENCY:  Merkley+Partners
DIRECTOR: Mark Kudsi

These two all CG spots were designed to accomplish two goals: introduce Chill, Tic Tac’s latest breath mints, and show off the redesign of their recognizably branded rectangular plastic box.

Accomplishing the latter was fairly straightforward. A box is a box. The former was a bit trickier, since the visual representation of taste is all about metaphor and interpretation.

As a solution, director Mark Kudsi treated his box of Tic Tacs as building blocks to assemble and form iconic shapes: a flock of birds, a budding sunflower, an oscillating soundwave, etc.

Through some tricky particle animation, and some fluid visual choreography, the spots came together, capturing the soothing sensations that only Tic Tac Chill could provide.