Purex: “Thinnest Load of Laundry”

ROLE: Senior Nuke Artist / VFX Compositor
VENDOR: Motion Theory
DIRECTOR: Mark Kudsi

Promoting Purex’s new 3-in-1 laundry sheets, this spot compares the latest detergent innovation to the evolution of certain essential products throughout time. The comparison being how certain products have become thinner – cameras, television sets, and clothing, for example.

Visually, the established style aimed for a stop-motion appearance, with each of the products transforming from old to new, fatter to thinner.

The products were shot in real-time, situated on turntables with a white backing. The stop-motion appearance was added in comp, with in-betweens created to aid the fluidity of motion. Also, extensive clean-up was done to make the products throughout the ages look pristine and pleasant.

My tasks were focused on the television and clothing segments, as well as performing clean-up on the concluding washer and dryer.