Filter Holiday Hitlist

ROLE: Lead Flame Artist | Senior Broadcast Designer
VENDOR: G4 Media | Comcast

The directive behind “Filter’s Holiday Hitlist” was to do something completely different from every other product-oriented show out there. Of course, that’s a fairly typical ask. You know, do what hasn’t been done, as if that’s even a possibility these days.

Nevertheless, being young and bold, I clearly took that as creative license to do whatever I the hell I wanted … and I did.

A bit of backstory, for context … G4 had just acquired the deceptively innocent animated series “Happy Tree Friends,” which was remarkably subversive and ridiculously violent, once you peeled off the feel-good happy surface.

Coincidentally, I was really into collage animation. And since, the powers-that-be were looking for an unconventional take on Christmas, it all kind of clicked. And in a spontaneous evening of rapid-fire design, I opted for a punked-out Santa and a reckless staff of snowmobile wielding delivery Squirrels as my premise.

There was no grand plan to make all this happen. Just a week on the schedule and the freedom to run with it. Surprisingly, it went pretty smoothly. And it was a ton of fun.