VW: “Wege Zur Qualitaet”

ROLE: Shake Compositor | 3DS Max Artist
VENDOR: Xaos, Inc.
ART DIRECTORS: Lisa Slates Connors & Chitra Sriram

VW’s “Wege Zur Qualitaet” dates back to my days at the long-defunct Xaos, Inc, one of the early pioneers of all things Imax, as well as that decades-old cyberspace thriller “Lawnmower Man.”

Clearly a conceptual piece, the ridefilm was commissioned by Volkswagen to depict the metaphorical and creative evolution of the automobile. The idea was to take the viewer on a virtual ride of experimental exploration, both in design and content, while combining mechanics and technology with art and abstractions.

For the two excerpts shown here, the “Forest” of gears and the car-parts “Vista,” I did a tremendous amount of object design and layout, hand-placing tens of thousands of gears and car parts to fill out the given environments. Particular attention had to be paid to where the designated p.o.v. camera path traveled, in order to create the maximum amount of excitement, through near misses and captivating views.

I also handled texture and lighting for these sequences.